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Qualteks specializes in the application and integration of high-tech computer technology. It focuses on the research and development of security application systems which covers retail applications, smart city and park development, smart environmental technology data applications and so on. Qualteks is leading the industry, developing wireless network positioning technology, market data acquisition technology and other computer technology applications through the big data platform.

At Qualteks, we offer our clients tailor-made consulting services, project analysis and development, overall project planning, hardware and programming technology convergence solutions and more. Our solution system is based on the concept of cloud computer infrastructure service system and platform architecture, so it is more effective to provide customers with the computer basic modules and systems required for the project.

Our team of consultants have over 10 years of experience in this field (include local & overseas), and can device solutions from a customer standpoint.


In the past 150 years, world market of retail has undergone continuous changes. From the beginning, manufacturers dominated the market supply and demand. Later, retailers dominated the retail market trend and developed to a market dominated by consumers.

Customer Groups

A customer group is a way of aggregating customers with similar pattern. For example, you may group customers based on their buying behavior. For example, some customer will mainly focus on prices of products and some will focus on the useability of products.


The core competitiveness of large and medium-sized shopping malls refers to the business adaptations to the changing trend of consumer demand by meeting the business objectives and development strength of the mall, and continuously enhancing the competitive position in the retail market.


It is the use of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile commerce and e-commerce to digitally and intelligently integrate and integrate traditional shopping malls.


Data center

Today’s large-scale informatization and office automation have brought unprecedented challenges to the construction of traditional data centers.


As the City limit continues to expand to cope with more people, money, goods and traffic flows, Public secuity becomes more complex. The central monitoring system will cover all the communities, important intersections within the city.


The system will immediately monitor the status of the asset by RFID, when the asset illegally leave the predetermined location, the system will alert immediately.


Systematically manage the details of inventory and simplify the process in controlling warehouse and inventory, and minimize possibility of human error.

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